Time for change – New 2013 website

By Stan on 07/04/2013 in SQB

Seems like ages ago since I built my last website in Joomla 1.5. Actually I was still quite happy with how the site worked from a desktop, that was not the problem. But when using a tablet or smartphone you could clearly notice the site wasn’t up to the job any longer; buttons too small to touch and a portfolio that was largely flash-based.

So it needed a fresh update and here it is.

I made the switch from Joomla to WordPress, because it just seems more stable, easier to maintain and better geared towards the future. I will miss Joomla, but I am convinced i am better off with the ease of use of WP.

Anyway, check it out, hope you like it. It should work smoothly on both desktops, and mobile touch devices. It will adjust the layout to the dimensions of the device you’re using (try: resize your browser or rotate your device to see what it does).

If you do run into some bug somehow, please drop me line so I can work on it.