Charlie Chapeau

By Stan on 11/01/2015 in SQB

We all get quite numb to all the violence and misery on the news i guess. Shutting down to the continuous stream of negativity.

Turning your head away seems very close to ignorance, on the other hand its just a human way of coping with the crazy world we live in.

But the shooting in Paris had deep impact.
Not just because it took place in Western Europe and reminded many of the killing of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam.

For me personally it had a third reason: because I work as a designer, visualiser, and illustrator, I feel related to cartoonists:
as we both use the pen as a tool to create visual imagery and get ideas across.

Even though I do not agree with their style and ideas, I do have enormous respect for the boldness and courage of the people at Charlie Hebdo.

I hope we can all keep our heads cool and stay united.




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